Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Week 6: Advertising, Promotion, and Public Relations in the Web World, 1

A quick comment on something I read today in chapter 3 of "Always On." Vollmer talks about the renewed interest in "below the line" marketing. Two reasons for this shift come to mind, one probably more significant than the other:

Simple math: Ad budgets haven't necessarily decreased, so as marketers pull back from declining channels (like newspapers and television), the ones that still prove worthwhile will see more dough.

More provocative reason: In my opinion a more profound force at play has to do with the accelerating trend towards virtual reality over the last couple of decades. That is, as more things are acceptably replaced by their virtual versions, we are placing higher premiums on those real things and experiences that aren't easily translated into binary code (look at what's happened to concert ticket prices as the music recording industry has gone down the tubes - more on that here, courtesy of The New Yorker).

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